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Presents job seekers with real-time data, pulled directly from the HR/Personnel pages of government organizations' websites.

We have scoured each state's local government organizations (cities, counties, etc.) and have entries for most of their HR/Personnel pages. As soon as they update their job listings page, our information is automatically updated.

We specialize in mid-size entities; those large enough to have an online presence, but small enough to not have implemented a large-scale, complex application solution.

If you're looking for a job, local governments all over the country are looking to hire. Come back every day to see if the organizations around you have updated their listing pages.


We have live data for 42 government agencies in California:
Alameda County
Amador County
Brawley City
Butte County
Calaveras County
Calexico City
Contra Costa County
Del Norte County
El Dorado County
Fresno County
Glenn County
Humboldt County
Imperial County
Inyo County
Kern County
Kings County
Lake County
Los Angeles County
Mariposa county
Mendocino County
Merced County
Modoc County
Monterey County
Napa County
Nevada County
Plumas County
Riverside County
Sacramento County
San Francisco City/County
San Luis Obispo County
Santa Barbara County
Santa Clara County
Santa Cruz County
Santa Cruz County
Shasta County
Sonoma County
Stanislaus County
Sutter County
Trinity County
Tulare County
Tuolumne County
Ventura County
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Alameda County

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Employment Opportunities
Assistant Controller 18-0031-01 $64.53 - $78.45/hour; $134,222.40 - $163,176.00/year Supplemental Questionnaire Monday,
July 2 5:00 PM
Dental Health Administrator 17-5525-01 $65.02 - $78.69/hour; $135,241.60 - $163,675.20/year Supplemental Questionnaire Continuous Status
Eligibility Services Technician I 18-1570-01 $22.24 - $27.03/hour; $43,368.00 - $52,708.50/year Supplemental Questionnaire Friday,
July 6 5:00 PM
Financial Services Deputy Director, Social Services Agency 18-6070-02 $48.71 - $59.22/hour; $101,316.80 - $123,177.60/year Supplemental Questionnaire Friday,
June 22 5:00 PM
Housing and Community Development Manager
(Housing Project Coordinator)
$49.96 - $60.66/hour; $103,916.80 - $126,172.80/year Supplemental Questionnaire Monday,
June 25 5:00 PM
Human Resources Division Manager 18-0294-02 $59.42 - $72.25/hour; $123,593.60 - $150,280.00/year Supplemental Questionnaire Monday,
July 2 5:00 PM
Landscape and Grounds Supervisor 18-9689-01 $33.27 - $40.59/hour; $69,201.60 - $84,427.20/year Supplemental Questionnaire Monday,
July 2 5:00 PM
Plant Mechanic, Zone 7 18-4988-01 $46.31 - $48.62/hour; $96,324.80 - $101,129.60/year   Thursday,
June 21 5:00 PM
Principal Librarian 18-4180-01 $53.64 - $65.09/hour; $111,571.20 - $135,387.20/year Supplemental Questionnaire Tuesday,
July 10 5:00 PM
Reserve Firefighter 18-8136-02 $0.00 - $0.00/hour; $0.00 - $0.00/year Supplemental Questionnaire Monday,
July 2 5:00 PM
Specialist Clerk I 17-1128-01 $23.53 - $26.66/hour; $45,883.50 - $51,987.00/year   Monday,
June 25 5:00 PM
County of Alameda Employees - Promotional Opportunities
Human Resources Analyst II
$34.54 - $49.61/hour; $71,843.20 - $103,188.80/year Supplemental Questionnaire Monday,
June 18 5:00 PM
County of Alameda Employees - Reinstatement and Transfer Opportunities
Financial Services Specialist II
(Information Technology Department)
$30.56 - $40.92/hour; $63,564.80 - $85,113.60/year   Continuous Status
Management Analyst
(Health Care Services Agency)
$34.67 - $46.47/hour; $72,113.60 - $96,657.60/year   Continuous Status
Program/Financial Specialist
(Social Services Agency)
$33.63 - $45.10/hour; $69,950.40 - $93,808.00/year   Continuous Status
Temporary Assignment Pool Program (TAP) - Temporary Opportunities
No Applications are currently being accepted for this Recruitment Category using the Recruitment Search Criteria specified.
Special Recruitments and other Job Opportunities
Deputy Sheriff Reserve 18-9999-01 This is a volunteer position. Incumbents do not receive compensation.   Friday,
July 6 5:00 PM
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(Information Technology, HealthCare, Criminal Justice and More...)
  Continuous Status

Amador County

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We are having technical difficulties connecting to Amador County's job listing page. Please click here to visit it directly.

Brawley City

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Closing Date
$4,058.74 per month
Communications DispatcherPolicePermanentOpen Until Filled$3,061.42 per month

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